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The restoration of Pudge is being funded by the   receipt of grants from various organisations along with donations from members of the Trust and  public. 


The Thames Sailing Barge Trust have employed the local shipwright Kevin Finch to complete the work. Kevin has been involved in previous restoration work on Pudge and the Trust’s other sailing barge Centaur, which in February 2020 was 125 years old. 


Pudge was moved to Fullbridge in April 2020 and restoration work started in May with the aim for the work being completed by Spring 2021. 


Although qualified shipwrights will be undertaking much of the work, the Trust’s volunteers will also be involved and have initially removed all her deck
fixtures and fittings before her move to Fullbridge. They will also continue to be an integral part of the Project. 


At the end of the project the Trust will have a sailing barge which will provide comfort and enjoyment to the public who sail on her and be a great base for learning about our maritime heritage. 

The Restoration Process

Replacement of Pudge’s decks including the supporting timber beams as well as the deck planking.  All work will be in line with National Historic Ships, UK Conserving Historic Vessels Guideline.


Replacement of the Coamings and Headledges which are the sides and ends of the main and fore cargo hatches.


Replacement of the floor of the cargo hold known as the Ceiling and the floor beams where necessary. Replace Inwales. Restore the Skipper’s Cabin. 


Upgrade the passengers accommodation so as to meet passengers expectations which will ensure Pudge’s future financial sustainability.


Provide a fully refurbished galley and saloon and install new fresh and waste water tanks, electricity and heating.


Incorporate space for interpretation boards which will detail the history of Pudge.

Pudge off Southend Pier 2017.jpg

The Pudge Project

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